Emergency Services

The Emergency Assistance Program offers financial assistance for rent, utility bills, prescription medications, transportation, and other unexpected emergencies.  This program grants assistance to those currently living below 180% of the federal poverty line.  The primary goal is helping families and individuals through times of crisis by providing financial assistance with case management and referral services.  The Emergency Assistance program is evolving to address the local homeless population in Kennett and the surrounding communities. If you are experiencing a financial emergency, please contact Lenda Carrillo, Emergency Assistance Case Manager.  Hours are by appointment.  Proof of income and other documentation is required to qualify.  All calls are confidential, and each request is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Meet Pedro

Pedro, age 80, emigrated to the United States from Puerto Rico over 40 years ago, eventually settling in Southern Chester County where he worked for years in the agriculture industry. After a series of difficult personal circumstances led him to lose both his home and his employment nearly 20 years ago, Pedro moved around between several temporary housing situations before settling in a homeless encampment just outside the Borough of Kennett Square. Pedro lived outside for 9 years in a make-shift hut until volunteers during the 2013 Point in Time Count brought his situation to the attention of the Department of Community Development. He was referred to Kennett Area Community Service (KACS) for case management. KACS helped Pedro get accepted into a subsidized housing program, which provided him with ongoing rental assistance to supplement his low income. Pedro is now affordably housed in Kennett Square. “I cook and eat in my own apartment,” he says, “it’s much better.”

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