KACS is Expanding!

In August 2015, KACS acquired and began renovations on the adjacent facility at 138 West Cedar Street. This new facility will provide a number of opportunities for under resourced  individuals and families to connect with valuable services while improving their situation:

  • Bathing and laundry for KACS clients seeking housing
  • Expanded raised bed gardens
  • Office space for partner agencies to deliver services on-site to current KACS client base
  • Expanded Case Management offices to deliver family-friendly private intake, consultations and stability services
  • Training and meeting space for KACS and partner agency programs
  • Increase food storage at current KACS facility

This facility will provide a client-centered space to build healthy connections and begin to rebuild their resources and skills. Partner agencies are currently being secured, with the end goal of becoming a partner in the individual’s pursuit of stability and success.

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