Capital Campaign

In August 2015 we purchased and began renovations on the adjacent house at 138 West Cedar Street.  This new facility will soon become the KACS Resource Center. It will provide a number of opportunities for struggling individuals to improve their circumstances by connecting with valuable services.

These include:

  • A bathing and laundry area for KACS clients experiencing homelessness.
  • An expanded raised bed garden program.
  • Office space for partner agencies to deliver on-site services to KACS participants, such as the Family Benefits program offered through Maternal Child and Health Consortium.
  • Expanded Case Management offices to deliver family-friendly private intake, consultations, sustainability services and classes.
  • An 11′ x 21′ training and meeting space for KACS and partner agencies.
  • Doubled food storage capacity in the current office space at the Food Cupboard.

The Resource Center will provide a participant-centered space to build healthy connections and begin to rebuild resources and skills.  A number of partner agencies are currently under consideration, with the end goal of becoming a collaborator in each participant’s pursuit of stability and success.  These agencies will offer employment services, nutrition services, family benefits and more. meetingtheneed-h Can you help? Through generous partnerships, we have already secured $410,000 in monetary and in-kind donations to make this dream a reality — but we aren’t quite there! Some unanticipated costs arose, including water remediation and an entirely new HVAC system. But our new facility is now well-constructed and state-of the-art.

Our dream is to move forward without capital debt and dedicate our future resources to serving this community. In order to do this we need an additional $125,000 to fund the remaining costs to renovate the Resource Center. We also seek $15,000 to retrofit the existing Kennett Food Cupboard facility to continue to meet the evolving needs of our families.

Our Board, Building Committee, Staff and many volunteers have already committed to lead the way and are dedicated to making KACS the most effective, efficient agency in the area. Please consider joining this effort with a gift to fund this Capital project today.

We are almost there!  You can support the Capital Campaign through a donation, or you contact us to request a pledge form.

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